How we started?

Started in Nov 2009 in London as a small group, CBSN now has presences in UK and China with the goal of connecting people and business through services such as startup consulting, investment consulting, translation and interpreting,  events and training.


Our mission:

We encourage the formation of strategic partnerships with business owners related Chinese and through network events, workshops, consulting, languages, culture and bespoke service.  We want to help you exploring new Chinese business opportunities locally and internationally.


Our people:

Over 10,000 professionals and business owners from across the CBSN netowrk, are energetically about supporting each other in equal measure as well as making a measurable impact in what we do.

This unique culture and approach deliver enduring results. We strave to do the right things in order to increase wealth, develop people and grow the community.

CBSN Photo Gallery

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